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Our Philosophy and How We Practice It

What We Believe In

In the Classroom

Growth Mindset

Small change is all that is required going toward greatness

Apex Learning has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that individual's unique needs is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. We don't settle on 10% human brain potential currently been utilized.

Modern Laptop

Deliberat Practice

Not just 10,000 hours, but with smart efforts

It's true that everyone deserve to have mentors, we also understand that to be coached to the next level, you don't need a coach to be better than you, but a coach can follow the right methodology to discover and help you remove your blind spots.

Open Book

Learning as a habit

Good habits should be effortless

Discipline is great, but rarely easy to get. It's also a perception to those who have not yet form the habit. To enforce a discipline, consumes energy, to execute a habit following the cue, however, can actually charge you with energy.

Partners and Tools

Microsoft Teams

Free to our members

Fully customized state of the art collaboration ecosystem cultivating a learning environment, with full suite of Office 365 with online meeting and webinar, live stream capabilities.


Glose Education 

Social Reading from anywhere.

Social reading is how reading suppose to be. Solo reading without sharing and discussion, well, it’s just unverified opinion at most. 

Next Big Idea Club

Learn from great minds

Curated by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink and delivery two most groundbreaking books every season.


Proud Member of Positive Discipline Association

Stay Kind and Firm

Next closest thing can help a personal grow other than being a parent is to start a business. Being a proud member of Positive Discipline Association, we apply in business bulding as much as we learn to become a better parent, and vise versa.

Microsoft VIVA Learning

Contextual Learning in Teams

Integrated with third party learning resources like LinkedIn to make learning more accessible and interactive. 


Proud member of NASAP

Adlerian for Parenting and Leadership

The North American Society of Adlerian Psychology's mission is to foster and promote the research, knowledge, training, and application of Adlerian Psychology, maintaining its principles and encouraging its growth. Founded in 1952, NASAP thrives today as a society for a broad spectrum of professionals in the fields of education, psychology, psychiatry, counseling, social work, pastoral care, business, and family education.

Online for Offline

Offline is where magic happens

Our technology advantage help us stay ahead on online capacities and remain productive in special times, and offline meetings is necessary to build truly lasting connections.

Team Meeting
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