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Hello, this is Tony and Ada my 6 year old teacher.

Self claimed empathetic logician, the Perspective Guy. Passionate about helping others finding their passion for life through broadening perspectives in any circumstances. 

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My Story

Came to U.S. in 2002 without knowing what I am getting into, and in 2014 I have done the same thing again, jumping into a new career without knowing I'll eventually leaving the SAP consulting industry forever and for good.

Being a founding member of Apex Learn, I brought in 20 years fortune 500 companies consulting experience. Use to fanatic about cool tech gadgets (still does) and passion get moved to psychology philosophy and education on cognitive capacities to be applied in parenting, investment behavior, self development and entrepreneurship.

Want to "see" things more than one pespectives?

DALL·E 2023-07-03 13.46.57 - digital render of Chinese style  painting depicting the ancie
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