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Easiest way to find out your wise scale back by science

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

"Wiser" the book by Dr. Jeste who joined invented Wisdom Index. while trying to define wisdom mentioned "it (wisdom) is uniquely human and distinctly personal."

Am I wise? Reflect on these 7 questions to find out

  1. "I tend to postpone making major decisions as long as I can." (Decisiveness)

  2. "I avoid self-reflection." (Self-reflection)

  3. "I avoid situations where I know my help will be needed." (Prosocial behaviors)

  4. "I often don't know what to tell people when they come to me for advice." (Social advising)

  5. "I remain calm under pressure." (Emotional regulation)

  6. "I enjoy being exposed to diverse viewpoints." (Acceptance of divergent perspectives)

  7. "My spiritual belief gives me inner strength." (Spirituality)


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