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Book list from Byan Gottfredson's Vertical Development Half Steps framework

Many people asking for book recommendation. Earlier this month Byan's mailing list has something really inspiration and I can't agree more with his recommendation for people at every levels.

First let's familiarize with the terminology with his framework. Since his popular book successfully introduced in China "Success Mindsets", I have been following his work.

How we perceive our action, and the world around us, is more important than the action itself. He calls this internal operation systems. Systems Mind 1.0, Mind 2.0, and Mind 3.0. Each is programmed to fulfill different needs as follows:

  • Mind 1.0 – We are programmed to ensure our safety, comfort, and belonging (Good Soldier)

  • Mind 2.0 – We are programmed to stand out, advance, and get ahead (Progress Maker)

  • Mind 3.0 – We are programmed to contribute, add value, and lift others (Value Creator)

Research has found that 64% of all adults operate at Mind 1.0, 35% operate at Mind 2.0, and only 1% operate at Mind 3.0.

In the recent article he introduced further Mind 1.5, Mind 2.5, and Mind 3.5 half steps.

The distinction is on the degree to which one is focused on themselves or a group beyond themselves. You should be able to see this in the following:

  • Mind 1.0 – I am programmed to ensure my safety, comfort, and belonging

  • Mind 1.5 – I am programmed to ensure the safety, comfort, and belonging of my group

  • Mind 2.0 – I am programmed to ensure I stand out, advance, and get ahead

  • Mind 2.5 – I am programmed to ensure we stand out, advance, and get ahead

  • Mind 3.0 – I am programmed to ensure I contribute, add value, and lift others

  • Mind 3.5 – I am programmed to ensure we contribute, add value, and lift others

Book Recommendations

Here are some book recommendations that he have for each of the mind levels:

Mind 3.0 -> Mind 3.5

Mind 2.5 -> Mind 3.0

Mind 2.0 -> Mind 2.5

  • Leadership & Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute (note that Terry Warner above founded The Arbinger Institute in 1976 and this was the first unification book captured by attention in my earlier career as an IT engineer and was a gift from my CIO)

  • The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann

Mind 1.5 -> Mind 2.0

Mind 1.0 -> Mind 1.5

If there are book recommendations that you have for any of these developmental upgrades, let me know.

Credit to Ryan Gottfredson's post.

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