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Book Review: The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness

This book is still a review book by a publishing house (now Chinese translation officially published) at the time I came to know about it. Why am I so eager to talk about it? Because this book is really very good, I think that if we talk about it early and let everyone hear it early, then everyone will take a lot less detours on the road of exploring wealth and happiness and be the victim of "leeching".

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你怎么知道你真正了解某件事情?这是认知科学家丹尼尔·威林汉姆的新书《如何智胜大脑:学习为什么难以及如何轻松掌握》 中解释的一部分,以下是摘录的重点。 威林汉姆是弗吉尼亚大学的知名心理学教授,他的研究专注于将认知心理学应用于K-12学校和高等教育。他是多本关于学校和学习的书籍的作者,曾被奥巴马总统任命为美国教育部独立非党派机构国家教育科学委员会的成员,该委员会提供有关教育主题的统计数据、研究和评估。

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