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Building not just better jobs but more fulfilling work article today with Editor’s Note: In 2020, an MIT Task Force produced a comprehensive report on the Work of the Future. Since then, the global pandemic has had a significant effect on work and businesses, providing the impetus for The Work of the Future, by the same authors. The book, from which the following excerpt is adapted, will be published by MIT Press on January 25, 2022.

"The central challenge ahead—indeed, the work of the future—is to advance labor market opportunity to meet, complement, and shape technological innovation."

ended with applaudable advice on how to proceed the effort like:

"Adopting new technology creates winners and losers and will continue to do so. Seeking input from all stakeholders—including workers, businesses, investors, educational and nonprofit organizations, and government—can minimize the harms and maximize the benefits to individuals and communities and help ensure that the labor market of the future offers advantages, opportunity, and a measure of economic security to all."

Essentially still putting policy makers who failed in the past in the center of the innovation. Job satisfaction is a very personal feeling and humans are very unique in their own ways. If we continue use minimal wage, inflation adjusted salary and work placement as the measurement, this rat rase against technology and competition against A.I. will never turn the tide toward human advantage. Resilience self-governing community based real social and education system could be a solution in the age or online social media and virtual universe. Instead of passively waiting for replacement job offers, we can be trained to harness the technology to serve us and others. By harnessing tech, not just mean by learn how to use computer, but by form a strong belief that humans are in advantage when compare against the most advanced A.I. exist today, and we know how to learn better than Deep Learning algorithm, no scientist has ever be able to understand how human brain works, and I should be know myself better than anyone else, certainly not Siri nor Alexia.

As an entrepreneur, we don't have to be obsessed with 1 to n compounding growth in a year, what we could even should do is to be obsessed about 40% annual growth which is effectively create one productive individual every two years and empower that person do that same. Let the organic part of the magical compounding ripple effect work it's course towards bigger impact. This is actually how human becoming the only specie survived against all the odds. Through that process, a fulfilling feeling attached to a long-term mindset, which is becoming harder to get by as technology advancing to the future. A fulfilling work, not just a better job might born, easier than anyone has every imagined.

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