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From "Yes, but" to "Yes, and"

Accelerate opportunities for all adult learners.

Working adults have enough challenges today without being faced with a “Yes, but” approach to education and training. Learning should be “Yes, and”.

Yes, and you can use your device no matter where you are. Yes, and you can learn the way that works for you. Yes, and you can do your work worry-free. Yes, and you can stay in the program for as long as you wish.

Apex Learning is committed to providing the solutions, technologies, and expertise educator and entrepreneurs need. Our programs compatible with all mobile and desktop devices work with or without an internet connection, integrated with protect against online threats, and have inclusive, built-in solutions that help each learner achieve their potential.

Equitable access to education For many adults, lack of performing computer equipment means missing out on learning opportunities. Mobile devices can be used whenever, wherever learners and educators are—no network connection required (for content saved locally).

Inclusivity and accessibility Built-in tools help ensure that learners of all abilities can build their skills and achieve their potential. And local device storage allows everyone to keep learning, even without the internet.

Privacy and security

Enhanced privacy and security controls from the device to the cloud protect learners and their data. Automated compliance tasks free up busy educators and entrepreneurs.

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